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Become a Patron of Laurel Brady Creations.

Have you heard of a "patron of the arts?" Historically artists have had a person (or people) who support their work. It is a business partnership where an artist is given the time to work on their craft while the patron is given the satisfaction of being a supporter of the arts.


I've been very fortunate over the years to have a supportive community continuously support my work and after a couple of inquiries from amazing people, I thought I'd set up my own Laurel Brady Creations membership to help me continue creating quality work! It's called "LBC Monthly Patron."


As you may know, my blog and my business are self-supported but it is also made possible by the continual support of people like you! If you would like to help me keep this site an ad-free space, consider becoming a Laurel Brady Creations monthly member. If you're not interested in a monthly commitment but still want to support, I  have one-time donations options of $20, and $50. As always, thank you for all the love and support! It means the absolute world to myself and my work!

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