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Writing by the Water

"For The Love of Writing" Workshops


What will I get?

Fall in love with your creativity. Are you feeling blocked, need some creative t.l.c, or just want to put a little love back into your writing? Then this workshop is for you!


Laurel leads you through a series of exercises and explorations to help find your inner writer. After all, who deserves some creative time more than you?


 "For The Love Of Writing" Workshops options:


Workshop one: For the love of writing: New love. 

This workshop is targeted at new writers who are looking to start writing or writers looking to develop more of a creative practice. Whether you are new to writing or just looking for a way to focus your creativity energy this workshop is a great way to start.


Workshop two: For the love of writing: Self love

This workshop is available to combine explorations and journal writing in this healing and meditative workshop.


Workshop three: For the love of writing: Stage writing

This workshop is targeted at new playwrights looking to help develop their voice.



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