A Love Letter From Your Ally

To the people who've lost loved ones and to the community who've lost many of their own, there are no words to describe what you are going through. I am an ally, a friend, and someone who hopes you find some peace in this senseless violence. And it is senseless. Don't get me wrong, it's targeted but it's senseless. I have been lucky enough to be accepted into your community. Most of my friends fall somewhere on the LGBTQ spectrum and, not to be biased but they are the greatest people I know. They are my friends, my family, and the loves of my life. I can't tell you how many times we've rolled up to the club in Toronto's village ready for a great night out. It is our church, our dance floor,

Being Your Parents Wingman

I think many children of divorce can relate that you do things a little differently in your family. You interact in quite a different manner then your friends whose parents are happily still together. There is the whole matter of splitting holidays, family dynamics shifting, and of course, giving your parents dating tips. Wait...what? That's right folks. When you're parents get divorced you get the charming job of offering them dating advice. I used to find this weird. The thought of seeing my parents with anyone but each other brought tears to my eyes. They should be with each other I'd think to myself. Those feeling soon changed. Let me pause and state that I'm pretty lucky. In

That Heartbroken Traveler

Tomorrow is the big day! I leave for another Vancouver adventure and I couldn't be happier. I actually didn't realize how excited I was until I started packing today. I've never left packing this late but so far, so good. Look at me, being "chill" about these things. As I've been running around prepping and checking my list (maybe even checking it twice), I realized that this is the first trip I've taken in a while where I'm not going anywhere to escape something. You see, last summer I went to Vancouver as a way to reset and clear my head. I was heartbroken, confused, and needed to put my regular life on pause. I was also granted time to write and therefore I made the big jump to leave my l

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