6 Toronto Fringe Shows You Don't Want To Miss.

Alright Toronto, it's that time of year where you need to start planning your fringe shows and so I decided to throw in my two cents! I've compiled a list of shows that you NEED to check out! Of course, there are plenty of amazing shows out there that I haven't included so check-out the Fringe website here for a list of ALL available shows. Here are the top 6 shows I'm looking forward to seeing! 1. Shirley Gnome: Taking it up the notch I was lucky enough to be brought to this show when I was performing at the Adelaide Fringe Festival this past March and I may have peed my pants with laughter. I also may have laugh-spit on the stranger in front of me and blamed it on my friend...anyway.  If y

10 Ways To Be Your Most Badass Self.

Hello Beautiful, Feeling less than your incredible self? Well, my darling, I'm here to remind you that you are a badass motherf*cker who deserves to be happy and to get what she/he wants. Why? Because you are you. There is only one of you on this planet. And DAMN, aren't we lucky to have you around because you're simply incredible. You see the thing you must realize is that you already are a badass. Without this list! Whaaaaaaaaaat? Yes, I guess this would be a very short to-do list if this info could be so easily accepted. And for some of you, that's all it takes. A simple reminder that you are great is enough to get you up and running. For the rest of you who need a little extra TLC, I am

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