Stress, baby. Stress.

Let's talk about stress, baby. How are you handling your stress right now? It's an important question to ask. In case, you're new to this blog, strong mental health is a huge priority for me. When I don't take care of it, I find I have chest palpitations, panic attacks, a sense of foreboding, trouble swallowing, I'm short with the people I love, and when I leave it too long, I get depressed. So, I'm conscious of what sets me off. I need to get enough sleep. I need to eat something green every day. I need less caffeine than I think. I need a physical practice even if it's just a walk. Drinking is also something I keep to a minimum. Funny enough, anxiety and alcohol are not friends. Social ti


Do you ever feel like the decision between A and B feels like too much? Decision-making is something I wrestle with. Perfectionist qualities? No...maybe...fine. Yes. What does it mean to choose? To use your voice. Your power. To lay a claim to something. To sit in the driver's seat. Some days it can be a natural instinct. Other days: not so much. Why? Lack of trust? Maybe. Fear of making a mistake? Definitely. So how do I work on this? By doing some good old-fashioned throwing my hands in the air and saying, "heck yes." It's a highly scientific process. Try. Stumble. Do. Act. Carry. Hold. Then release. Forgive yourself for feeling too much, too little, for not wanting to fuck things up. Fo

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