HELLO FOLKS! Samantha Kaine, Kim Albright and I only have 10 more days to get as many views on our MOM-SENSE The Series Trailer! WHY DOES THIS MATTER? Because from March 1st-March 31st everyone applying for the Independent Production Fund must get as many views as possible to see if your project is viable. PLEASE WATCH and SHARE OUR MOM-SENSE TRAILER BY CLICKING HERE! YOU CAN TAG MOM-SENSE on: FACEBOOK: @momsensetheseries TWITTER: @sense_web INSTAGRAM: @momsensetheseries MOM-SENSE is an important show. It's focused on moms, yes, but also parenthood and that inescapable feeling of needing a break from it all. You know that moment where you're grateful for your life, but you just need to e

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