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Let's say enough of being confused and not doing anything about it. I think my compass must be broken or faulty or stuck. Head up, lungs breathe deep. I'm over exhaustion. Always running away from the faint smell of desperation as time ticks like a pace horse that I just can't keep up to. Forget the seasons changing, I'm changing too. For the better, I might add. I love love. I love silence. I love the feeling of these keys kissing my finger tips as I write this. I love cool breezes that makes you wish you had someone to hold you close. Loneliness is romantic if you're in the right head space. I'm over anger that doesn't do anything. And wishing someone badly because they couldn't be what I wanted. I think forgiveness is sexy. And having love for people who let you down is a super power. I want to write love letters to people I've never met and hope that one of them sticks. That would be a story to tell. A crazy one that elicits eye rolls and worried looks. How about we be strangers again? I can say hello to you like it's the first time. Maybe then we'll get it right. Paths cross and uncross and then we're stuck wondering if we should turn back around. I don't mind being lost as long as I know it's not forever. I don't think I can handle anything forever. But that's just today. After this, who knows what I'll think. And, oh how exciting and strange life is.

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