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Wouldn't it be nice?

Wouldn't it be nice if we, as women, were treated well?

Not as a bonus or a perk but because it was our inherent right?

If, as a woman, you could walk down the street, late at night, and have no fear for your own safety?

If every man that who approached us, or called out something disgusting, didn't make our heart's race, or our mind panic?

What would it be like to never ask ourselves, "How fast can I run?"

If we didn't need our keys clasped in-between our fingers on our walk home?

Or we never had to hope that if something bad did happen, that it would be over quickly.

Wouldn't it be great if we never had to ask ourselves, "What is he capable of? " after having a man become aggressive with us?

Or that we never again had to placate our aggressor in hopes of deescalating the situation?

If feeling safe was a given. Not a "lucky" circumstance gifted to some and taken from others.

What if we didn't have to justify every act of hate against us?

He was drunk. He didn't mean it. He's a really nice guy normally.

What if we banned all of these excuses? Along with all of the lies that get piled on top of each other? How can we possibly trust the truth of our own experience when it's buried so deep?

What if we didn't have to pretend that someone touching us without our permission was okay?

If the sentences, "Take a joke", "I didn't mean it", "You take things so seriously" were never uttered so we never doubted our initial reaction.

What if we could loudly claim the wrongs down to us, instead of crushing each impulse of hurt, pain, and anger?

What if the way we were treated wasn't dictated by the amount of people we slept with? If it was never suggested that our promiscuity opened the door to abuse because clearly we aren't that picky about who gets in-between our legs?

What if our right to be treated fairly wasn't based on societies perception of how "good" of a person we were, but rather on the fact that we are human beings who deserves basic human decency.

Wouldn't that be nice?

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