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Billable Hours

Hey world! I'm back from Australia and ready to rock!!!

AND GUESS WHAT? The time has come.

For what, you may ask yourself?

Hold onto your excitement, people!

I wrote a short film. Well... a bit shorter than a short. A shorty short?


It's called Billable Hours and like any creative project, it takes A LOT of people to make this all possible.

Thank you to my loving family and friends who helped this young filmmaker out by giving me your time and energy. I'm a lucky lady.

Let me introduce you to our "Billable Hours" Team.

Director/Producer: Brendan Brady

Writer/Producer/Molly: Laurel Brady

Janet: Deborah Kimmett

P.A: Andrew Henderson

Post Sound: Dwayne Newman at DNA SOUND

ADR: Tony Wallace at 110 studio

Special thanks to:

Andrew Henderson

Bruce McDonald

Mike MacMillan

Patrick Whistler

Karimah Issa


Enjoy Billable Hours and I look forward to sharing more work with you guys in the future.

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