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Goodbye 2017

Well here we are. The last day of 2017. While your bubbly chills (or, in some cases, your sparkling water), I invite you sit and reflect on your year.

After all, you could treat this like any other day. You could let it pass and forget about your reflection.

But I think you deserve more than that! Start the new year with a clear sense of yourself and all that you've done.

For me, I like to treat the last day of the year as a time to reflect on all the ways I've grown, changed, and the beautiful parts of my life that have flourished.

How about you?

Well if you're keen, I invite you to think about the following questions that switch the focus from goal-setting to gratitude.

Here we go:

1) What was one thing you did this year that you never thought possible? How did you feel once you did it?

2) What was a really rough moment you went through that made you realize how strong you were?

3) What was one book you read that made you think about life, yourself, or made you enjoy your day?

4) What was the highlight meal of your year?

5) What was your favourite t.v show? Why?

6) Did you have a moment of jealousy or sadness that sparked you to change something in your life?

7) Who did you get close to this year?

8) What was the best surprise of 2017?

9) Who are you most grateful for?

10) What would you like more of in 2018?

11) What would you like to let go of?

12) What is one new thing that you are committing to trying in 2018?

There she is. Short and sweet. You don't need more on your to-do list today. If you're anything like me, you need some time for a pat on the back. A warm and cozy blanket. And some time to thank yourself for doing your best. You really are magnificent.

Tomorrow is another day to make your life great.

And what a gift that is!

Enjoy the last hours of 2017. You deserve it.



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