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The Wonder of Sundays

On this sunny Sunday, I sit and wonder to myself.

What is the day all about?

The Spotify playlist. The morning swim. The warm tea.

Thinking about all the people that I love, near and far.

I find it easy to get lost in the tide of my life. Worried and pressured to constantly be doing.

Feeling tired seems easy.

While rest is something I don't naturally ease into.

It's easy to get swept away into the tiny details and to-do lists.

Wanting to be the best version of this skin-covered bag of cells coated in imagination.

So I go against the grain. Slow down. Turn on a slower song. Breathe?

Open up a blog I haven't posted on in a very long time.

Written, yes. Posted, no.

There is something about disappearing after posting for so long. Years of my life.

Written down.

To give myself a chance for self-reflection without an audience.

To do my best in any given day without quantifying.

Do you relate?

And so on this sunny Sunday, I sprinkle a little hope.

Give into the questions, the daydreams, and remind myself, yet again, that all will happen when it's supposed to.

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