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Do you ever feel like the decision between A and B feels like too much?

Decision-making is something I wrestle with.

Perfectionist qualities? No...maybe...fine. Yes.

What does it mean to choose?

To use your voice. Your power. To lay a claim to something. To sit in the driver's seat.

Some days it can be a natural instinct.

Other days: not so much.


Lack of trust? Maybe.

Fear of making a mistake? Definitely.

So how do I work on this?

By doing some good old-fashioned throwing my hands in the air and saying, "heck yes."

It's a highly scientific process.

Try. Stumble. Do. Act. Carry. Hold.

Then release.

Forgive yourself for feeling too much, too little, for not wanting to fuck things up.

Forgive your apathy, fear, indecision, depression, and your terrible taste in Tv movies.

Then pick an option.

Any option.

You'll quickly realize if you made the "wrong" choice.

Remembering that you can always make a new choice tomorrow.

Trust me on that one.

If you look at this openly, it can all be one giant adventure.

Remind me of this when I'm feeling scared.


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