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Stress, baby. Stress.

Let's talk about stress, baby.

How are you handling your stress right now?

It's an important question to ask.

In case, you're new to this blog, strong mental health is a huge priority for me.

When I don't take care of it, I find I have chest palpitations, panic attacks, a sense of foreboding, trouble swallowing, I'm short with the people I love, and when I leave it too long, I get depressed.

So, I'm conscious of what sets me off.

I need to get enough sleep. I need to eat something green every day. I need less caffeine than I think. I need a physical practice even if it's just a walk.

Drinking is also something I keep to a minimum. Funny enough, anxiety and alcohol are not friends.

Social time is also something I struggle with. Large social settings are no longer my jam. I prefer small gatherings or one-on-one time with the people I love.

Maybe because if i'm making an effort to see people, I would rather connect in more of a meaningful way.

For me, it's offsetting. Balancing out the busy with fun things.

Sure, I could work a 10 hr day with little to no breaks. But that will leave my drained, panicked, and aiming for a level of "efficiency" that is not helpful to me or frankly, anyone else around me. As I explain sobbing at your feet.

So I try to work hard then ease up on myself.

After all, working all the time is not going to leave you with a rich and satisfying life.

Truthfully, I realize that these feelings can be hard to explain to extroverted friends.

It's also hard to articulate to people in your life who don't have anxiety.

But it is important to explain.

So people don't think you hate them*.

*I have huge anxiety about this.

BUT MAINLY because you deserve to be able to communicate about what's going on for you.

So give yourself permission to check-in with yourself.

How are you really?

If you're not doing well, that's okay.

Can you talk to one person about it? Someone safe that loves you.

Then ask yourself: what is one small act then can help you feel a little bit better?

Then go from there.


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