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LAST CHANCE (or art intimating life)

I have a dark part of my brain that uses humour to get me through tough times.

It's not to say I'm some sort of monster who can't understand the weight of our world's current situation, just that I think laughter helps all of us deal with hard times.

The fears, the uncertainty, the tension are just as present in my life as they are for anyone else.

However, I made something of an interesting discovery recently, when thinking back on some of my past work, and instantly knew I needed to share.

A year ago, I wrote a piece about two people who got trapped in a bunker together on their second date. I was fascinated and delighted by the idea that who you brought with you at the end of the world could go so terribly wrong.

Ironically, given the Covid-19 Pandemic, Tinder, and our need to self-isolate with a small number of people - this absurd concept is now sort-of a real-world possibility.

We can potentially be trapped with people we don't want to be with.

Do I have the gift of sight? Maybe the future is being channelled through my work? Or maybe, I just think there's something hilarious about a misguided apocalyptic "love" story.

Either way, the two actors Michelle McLeod and Araya Mengesha, are both incredibly gifted at comedy and drama. They kill it.

So thank you to all involved in this exercise - the cast, the crew, and Celine Dion. Our Canadian treasure.

Dear Celine, I love you. Thank you for being in the world.

So here it is, to get you through the good times, and the bad:

"Last Chance."

Directed by Isa Benn

Written By Yours Truly

Starring Michelle McLeod + Araya Mengesha

Edited by Orlee Buium

Music by Jason Couse + (Celine Dion)

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