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What's Old is New

Here we are.

Another week. More uncertainty. Wondering, what is happening?

Let's not sugarcoat the hard parts. Because they are present.

The fear, the health problems, the job loss, the unknown.

And yet, I've seen an amazing bit of hope squeaking through the scary bits.

Soft moments where I feel... calm?

It feels odd to say in this strange time.

But, it remains true.

I am blown away by how people are showing up for one another. How neighbours I've barely spoken to before have sent us a kind text, offering help, offering groceries.

We're here for you.


On my daily walk, at least six feet away from others, I see strangers smile at each other. I smile too.

And then we all look away as if making eye contact could infect each other.

So maybe there is both: fear and kindness.

It seems fitting that we'd get the whole human experience.

There is less traffic; foot and car. Less pollution to corrupt our precious lungs.

More talking. On the phone. On Skype. On Zoom.

We're so hungry for human connection that we've given up the guise of "busy." It's like we're remembering what's important. What's real.

I miss you. I can't wait to see you. I can't wait to get a coffee with you.


Because without the opportunity for touch, for face-to-face hang-outs, we see how much we took for granted before. Our excuses, our endless to-do lists, our misplaced priorities.

I feel like our lives are being refocused.

The hopeful part of me sees a shift in our world. Yes, scary, but possibly kinder too.

One where our Government, for the first time in my lifetime, has put down a capitalistic approach, has dropped the belief that we are only worker bees, that our health doesn't matter, and has woken up to the fact that human lives matter. More than the Stock Market. More than anything else.

We see the tragedy of others around the world. We mourn for them and try to learn.

Try to listen, to take care of each other. To be better, even if it feels uncomfortable.

This is nothing to scoff at.

Old hobbies are taken up. A loving conversation. A puzzle. A good book. Let's be honest, Netflix is a great friend in self-isolation.

Anything to find joy within the walls of our respective homes.

What are you doing to bring joy to your day?

What's old is new.

Like little kids discovering treasures in the garden, we're forced to put down our adult worries once in a while, and occupy our minds with... what? What did I used to do? What used to be fun?

Let's rediscover.

Maybe when we've entered into the next transition (not back to "normal" but whatever is next), we can take some of the lessons of this time and incorporate this into our daily lives.

Maybe this time we won't forget.

A reminder to live your life, not just check off that list of accomplishments. But to live fully. With the people you love (even if you can't be in the same space just yet).



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