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Content Editing Reviews

“Laurel is a person who knows what a good story needs and she was enormously helpful in you clarifying what I meant to say without interfering with my own personal voice. She has edited my stage shows, and my book, and knows what each medium requires. Plus, she has a sharp eye for layout and proofing.” - Deb K.

Story Editing Reviews

Laurel has always been a creative mind that I can rely on. I have worked with her as a writer, story editor and actor and am constantly blown away by her dedication, hard work and passion for storytelling.  She can always provide a fresh take on things and is always willing to help her fellow creators. - Michelle M.


Laurel is a joy to work with. When I couldn't figure out what my story was missing, she asked the right questions to find it. She approached the work with thoughtfulness and clarity. I would definitely work with her again. - Jenn B.

Laurel Brady brings great passion to everything she does. As a story editor, Laurel is thorough and precise with her notes and constructive criticism. She takes immense pride in her work and deeply cares about the art of story-telling. When editing, she is sure to ask thoughtful and meaningful questions to guide the writer in unlocking the greatest potential in their work. Laurel's unwavering kindness makes her a joy to work with especially when sharing vulnerable pieces. She guides her clients with a gentle yet meticulous hand and makes it her purpose to ensure everyone is heard and that the writer's voice is captured fully in their pages. - Amanda C.

Laurel Brady's story editing was an invaluable contribution to the production of my short film, Loose Ends. Without her assistance, I'm not sure my story could have been told in an effective way. Her abilities helped create a script that was more concise, digestible, and professional. I originally went to her for help with formatting but was lucky to receive so much more than that. Her notes and observations came from a place of experience and honed instinct. She gave her notes in a way that was encouraging and egoless. Which is so important from an artistic perspective. Bedside manner is often forgotten about by the people that are giving feedback. Thankfully this wasn't the case with Laurel. If given the opportunity I would certainly hire her again on a future project. - Lindsay M.

For The Love of Writing Workshop Reviews

"I have taken a couple of Laurel Brady's workshops and enjoyed them very much.

Don't let her bubbly and cheery personality fool you, when Laurel starts the workshop she really gets down to business! Laurel is focused and has her program well organized and she sticks to it while being able to give participants time to express, and ask questions. She has great ideas for stimulating the creativity of the new writer and she gives constructive feedback. I now feel encouraged, knowing that my concerns as a new writer are universal and I feel I have a green light to just go for it, staying in the moment while I create and take care of the next steps when I come to them. Thanks Laurel!"

-Brenda Bell (Workshop Attendee)

Early Retirement Show Reviews

"Going into this show I expected a fairly typical Harold and Maude type show about the passion of youth and the wisdom of old age, but what I found was something more charming and complex. Early Retirement is a character drama driven by three strong performances bringing three interesting personalities to life. Funny at times, thoughtful at others, I feel this show does a good job of capturing the messiness of modern love by juxtaposing it against the facts and fictions of a romanticized older time... Although it’s not the type of show I’m usually drawn to, I had a good time watching this enduring and funny show and think it’s worth checking out."

–Jeffrey Preston



"A broken heart sends a young Abigail to the retirement home where her sister Penny works as a nurse. She offers to teach yoga to the elderly residents in exchange for a place to reside while she mends. During her stay, Abigail is challenged by a cranky resident named Henry who constantly finds a reason to argue with her.


There is great dynamics seen in the drunk scene and during the chair-aerobics between sisters Abigail (Laurel Brady) and Penny (Elizabeth Stuart-Morris). The timing during their argument and comfort seen on stage was believable as sisters who have 21 years of stories, hurts and laughter together. Julian Munds was entertaining as Henry, often bringing the laughs to this story with his cranky demeanour.


There was a nice progression in the relationship between Abigail and Henry, time marked simply by changing over the activity board.


This production has three interesting characters who I feel as though still have stories to share, feelings not yet expressed and moments ahead to discover… I look forward to seeing where further development of Brady’s play Early Retirement, take Abigail, Henry and Penny next."


-Trish West ( Donald's Dish)

Surfacing Review-Lisa McKeown from My Entertainment World

Brady has acting skill, that much is evident. She is very easy to watch, in part because of her natural capacity to be inside the moment, and to connect with the audience. She is in the moment in a very comfortable way that gives her a platform to navigate a mixture of different and often conflicting emotions with ease.

Public Speaking Reviews

"I am so happy you said the part about "diving in" even if you don't know how to do something. I look at you and think I'm only a few years older than you but I also wanted to be taken seriously in the workplace. You gave me courage to be taken seriously."-Participant at The Simcoe Muskoka District Health care Unit "Improvisation as a tool for innovation" Talk.

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